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“Choosing Wisely” is an international movement aimed at both physicians and the public with the goal of reducing medical overactivity and to promote sensible care which is:
• supported by evidence
• not duplicative of other tests or procedures already received by the patient
• free from harm
• truly necessary
Currently, there is a large and unexplained variation in the use of tests and treatments for children between and within European countries. It is suggested that non-scientific factors such as clinical traditions, physicians’ fear of legal consequences and resource availability may determine the use of different diagnostics and treatment even though they may not be best practice. Some very common practices might even be considered overdiagnostics (investigations or diagnostics unlikely to find abnormalities or the result irrelevant to the therapy) or overtreatment (when medical treatments or surgical procedures administered are unlikely to improve patient health, while potentially inflicting unnecessary risks).
We therefore aim to collect comparable and reliable data about common treatments and diagnostics used in different clinical environments in various European countries. This data will then be utilized to create an evidence based European recommendation list and information material.

Please note that in this survey EAP does not collect or process personal data. The survey is designed to collect the answers only in an aggregated and anonymous format. The responses will only be evaluated in an aggregated way and the results will be shared in such format as well.

Please firstly answer the following questions about yourself.

This survey is closed and we thank the 3283 paediatricians who participated.

If you are interested in reading more about common practice vs best practice and overdiagnostics and overtreatment, please look at the “Choosing Wisely” website of the EAP. https://www.eapaediatrics.eu/advisory-groups/choose-wisely/.